Jeffrey Baker

Jeffrey Baker

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First Name * Jeffrey
Last Name * Baker
Username * JeffB
Country * USA
City Santa Clarita
Nationality American
Languages English




I am an accomplished Art Director and Computer Artist as well as a Project Manager. I have the project management experience and mentorship abilities to build award winning teams. Alone and as a team leader I have brought numerous awards to my employers.

I have the flexibility to create a wide range of art styles, for many diverse projects. I have created artwork for broadcast, film and games. My specialty is in character design, and aniamtion. But I have a broad depth of knowledge of many 3D packages, including Maya and Lightwave.

Also, I have created many interactive virtual environments using both commercial game engines and 2D engines such as Flash. These environemnts have been used for both entertainment works, as well as courtroon/forensic exhibits.